About Maple Oak Beagles

Bill and Margaret Jess started Maple-Oak Kennels and began their involvement  with beagles in  2002.  They started out buying their first beagle (Rascal) when he was just 8 weeks old from a breeder in London, ON after they lost their 11 year old Labrador Retriever, Shiloh.   Bill and  Margaret felt that another Lab would be too hard emotionally so that's why they chose a beagle.  Margaret wanted a smaller dog but with a similar easy going temperament and Bill want a hunting dog  that he could take  out in the bush and hunt with him,  and they both wanted  a house pet, and they found much more in Rascal and  fell in love with this little male beagle immediately.   He was very affectionate, intelligent, easy to potty train and everything in a family they wanted.  Through their relationship with the breeder at the time, Bill became involved in the local beagle clubs and the Field Trial competitions when Rascal was old enough to compete.  First in the Puppy Trials  when he was 2 years old when he was able to compete in his first Small Pack Field Trial where he won a 2nd place ribbon and his first points toward becoming a Small Pack Field Trial Champion.  Over the years since Bill and Margaret first acquired Rascal, they ended up purchasing more beagles and this is how the Maple-Oak Kennels breeding program started and expanded to what it is today.  Bill  also became more involved in the study of pedigrees, genetic backgrounds and different beagle traits, size, health issues and more as Maple-Oak Kennels became more involved in breeding. He became  very aware of what bloodlines to stay away from and what bloodlines  to continue in our kennel  which brings us to the breeding stock and breeding practices that are in place today.   Maple-Oak Kennels employs experienced people and one of those employees is Shelley Bowen, who has worked with Bill and Margaret since October 2007 and has been in charge of the day-to-day operations of the kennels and the well being of all the beagles.  Shelley is very experienced with dogs and breeding practices as she breeds Golden Retrievers herself for the show ring and family pets, and is a member of the Canadian Kennel Club.    

Shelley Bowen purchased the beagles and the breeding part of Maple-Oak Kennels known now as Maple-Oak Beagles  This was done after Bill passed away      December 19th, 2011 whos presence we miss, and memory we treasure.  

Shelley, along with Bill and Margaret have always had a  strict breeding program of breeding only the "Best to theBest"  to produce puppies that anyone would like to own and also to improve the breed and that strict breeding program will continue.   Shelley's new  kennels are climate controlled with a central  heating system for even heating and comfort for the beagles in the winter months and cool air  in the hot Summer months.  We have always made a daily practice of proper cleaning and disinfecting our kennels, and Shelley will carry on this practice as she does now in her own kennels.  Shelley will have a  separate whelping area specifically designed to accommodate the birthing and raising of puppies.   The adult beagles can go outside into individual dog run areas through automatic doors when they want some fresh air and excercise.  Shelley has a larger property and will have areas set up for the beagles to be able to run and play in large open grassy areas.   Bill always took the young pups and adult beagles out for exercise either around the kennel or out into the bush, rotating them so they all got  a chance to get out and run with him and Shelley will have these large play areas to compensate.   This will help to keep them happy, healthy little beagles.    

The  beagles are bred for comformation, intelligence, friendliness and their  ability to adapt to any lifestyle and those who purchase a new puppy from Shelley and the new Maple-Oak Beagles will experience same level of quality, expertise and guarantees as always offered by Maple-Oak Kennels.  Shelley has also agreed to honour all current guarantees and promotes the TLC Wholelife Pet Food   that  you can read about by clicking onto their advertising banner on the Home Page.  




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