Driving from Toronto, you will get onto the QEW and follow West past Burlington.  If you are coming along the 407 it ends at the QEW near Burlington,   You will  then stay in right lane on QEW and follow to the 403 Hamilton exit and follow along the 403  it until you come to  Hwy 24 South ramp (called Rest Acres Rd) to the set traffic lights.  Do not follow your GPS and cut off at Hwy 6 SouthWhen you come to the traffic lights, turn left onto Hwy 24 and follow South until you reach Hwy 3 in the Town of Simcoe then turn right onto Hwy 3 (also called The Queensway in town).  Follow along Hwy 3 until you come to Turkey Point Road, (you will see a road sign saying Reg. Rd. 10 Turkey Point Rd.) then turn left off of Hwy 3 onto Turkey Point Rd and follow it South to McDowell Rd. (Also called Reg. Rd. 1) Turn right onto McDowell Rd. and follow under you come to  East 1/4 Line.  Turn left onto East 1/4 Line and follow South to Maple-Oak Beagles. 

Driving from London, you will take the 401 East and cut off at Hwy 19  South ramp and follow Hwy 19 into the Town of Tillsonburg until you reach

Hwy 3.  Turn left onto Hwy 3 and follow to Hwy 59 South until you come to McDowell Rd. (Also called Reg. Rd. 1). Turn left onto McDowell Rd. and follow to East 1/4 line.  Turn right onto East 1/4 Line and follow to Maple-Oak Beagles.

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