Our Beagles

We have carefully chosen or bred our beagles from top bloodlines to have a Beagle that is a joy to own. Our Beagles are happy, friendly and intelligent and we consider each one special enjoying their company and companionship.

Our pups make great pets, hunters or field trial prospects.

All of our Beagles are tri-colour (black/white/tan). Every once in a while we will have lemon and white pups available. We used to have black and tan Beagles,(no white at all) as well as chocolate & white, and red & white but we found the tri-colour is the most popular and what people want most so we no longer breed the black/tan, chocolate/white and red/white.   We have two size classes 13"  (33 cm) and under, or over 13" (33 cm) but under 15" (38 cm) which are the two registered breed sizes for beagles in Canada and the U.S.A.   

The bloodlines we have chosen are from FC Shorts Pro,  FC Del-Ray Stubby, and FC Gun Creek Rock, all are descendants from the famous Int'l FC Jack's Iron Mike who is in the Beagle Hall of Fame.  We have also introduced the Int'l FC Elm Street Simon bloodlines to our kennel in 2009.

Our Beagle puppies make endearing family pets with a warm personality.  The happy, playful Beagle is especially good with children and having being worked in packs, they tend to get along well with other family pets.   A weekly rubdown with a nubby brush on a Beagle's coat is all that is needed to keep shedding problems virtually non-existent.